"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

– attributed to the Dalai Lama

Come, let’s walk.

Hi - I’m Jessica, and I’m glad you’re here.

Here is my snapshot:  

After years of walking the path(s) of least resistance, and consequently missing the mark in my life and in my work, I have found a purpose.  The “growing pains” (not an accident that they are called that!) I finally was willing to experience are what led me here to you, today. I *thought* my studies and experience in business were of no use in my work as a mental health therapist and behavioral health leader, until I remembered that there is inherent meaning in our experiences- we just have to find it.  

Now, I can wholeheartedly offer therapy for executives, professionals, and/or leaders, as well as any adult seeking support to manage this journey that is life. You can rest and breathe with me -you don’t need to carry it all alone.

Here is my story:

If you are feeling down, disconnected (from self and others), anxious/depressed, or having trouble navigating a life that just feels exhausting most of the time, therapy can be really helpful. I, too, have lived at times without intention, self-compassion, or the vulnerability I needed to ask for support. I got tired of living by default – same thing, different day. You don’t have to live fearful of pain and change like I did, you really don’t. I feel moved to work with you now because I understand your lived experience, and I am familiar with the landscape.

Or, if you find yourself overwhelmed or burned out within the world of work – stressed and anxious, uninspired, or even boundaryless, I’m here for you.  I was a “reluctant leader” more than once, feeling like an imposter, and finding myself in positions that felt over my head, or doing tasks that felt out of alignment with my interests, values, or goals. Being a business leader was not good for my own nervous system, but I learned a lot about what makes an effective leader and successful professional. Operating with authenticity, courage, and empathy is key, and I find inspiration in helping others grow and move forward along that path.

Lastly, for those of you in need of supervision for licensure to do this incredible work, I can help. You’ll get the person writing this page – no more, no less.

So, I am humbly here to support you through the minefields the best that I can.

It’s time, let’s do it. You got this.

Let’s walk!

Jessica L. Schmoll, LPC CPCS


Wiser Ground Services

What We Offer

Counseling services for adults. Go from pain to healing and wisdom.


Individual counseling, ages 18 and older.

Wiser Ground business consultation services. Increase the success of employees and company.


Business health, wellness, and strategy.

Clinical supervision individuals and groups. Go from associate licensed to fully licensed.


Steps toward becoming fully licensed.



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